Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction in Palm Harbor, Florida and Tampa

Surgical removal of fat is called liposuction. Liposuction is great for removing fat pockets from problem areas that did not respond well to diet and exercise. In order for a person to be a good candidate for liposuction, the person needs to be in overall good health. Liposuction in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding cities are a fairly common cosmetic procedure.

Medical insurance does not cover cosmetic procedures like liposuction. The average liposuction cost according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons is just under $3,000. Surgeons may charge higher fees based on their experience. The cost of living in the geographic location can influence the fees. Surgeons may charge a fee per treated area. One liposuction surgeon in a Palm Harbor clinic charged $4,000 for a multi-session liposuction.

By law, liposuction surgeons in Palm Harbor and other Florida locations cannot remove more than 5 liters during a single session. Therefore, large fat deposits and fat from multiple areas may need to be removed over more than one session. This means the patient would need to pay for more than one surgery to have the large fatty deposits removed. Patients should ask surgeons if the liposuction can be accomplished with one session or if more sessions would be needed. The patient should understand the possible number of sessions and liposuction costs involved for each session.  You’ll want to check out the mommy makeover cost before getting to far into this research just so you know how much a full mommy makeover surgery could cost you.

Liposuction benefits include improvements in self-esteem, more self-confidence, and less frustration with dieting and exercising that isn’t working to reduce the fat in that trouble spot. After liposuction, the person can focus more on overall health and exercising for better tone throughout the body rather than being preoccupied with the problem area.

A single liposuction surgery clinic or surgeon near Palm Harbor, FL may offer several different types of liposuction. The best type of liposuction for the individual can depend on the location and amount of the fat to be removed. Ultrasound liposuction is one of the newer liposuction types. This procedure is performed over the skin and requires no incisions. Power-assisted liposuction uses mechanized movements and is used to sculpt the abdominal region.

Wearing compression garments after the surgery is important for the best results. The compression garments help ensure that the person’s contour will be smooth as the fat channels collapse. The liposuction surgeon may instruct the patient to wear the compression garments for up to six weeks after surgery. Some patients find the compression garments uncomfortable and stop wearing them. After paying thousands of dollars for liposuction surgery, wearing compression garments for weeks to get good results seems worthwhile.

Some patients find that clinics that have a high volume of patients do not offer the same kind of one-on-one interaction that an individual surgeon would provide. When choosing liposuction surgeons in Palm Harbor, consider what makes you feel most at ease. Maybe you like the busy clinic with lower prices. Choose a mommy makeover surgeon based on your priorities including expertise, costs, trust, comfort, and whatever other factors that you feel are important.



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