Breast Augmentation

Will the Breast Augmentation Scars Show?

Breast augmentation surgery is used to increase the volume of the breasts. This is done by surgically placing implants behind the breast tissue. The size and shape of the scars depend on the method the surgeon uses for placing the implants. A breast augmentation surgeon in Palm Harbor, Florida described the incision used as the same shape of a keyhole. However, the surgeon says that other surgeons may use different types of incisions.

When discussing breast augmentation surgery during the initial consultation with a surgeon, women should freely ask questions about the procedure and the expected results. She should understand the basic size and shape of the scars caused by the surgery. Some doctors show breast augmentation before and after photographs to new patients. This allows women who are considering the surgery to see what a typical breast augmentation scar looks like.

Immediately after surgery, the scars can look shockingly bad. This is true with many invasive cosmetic procedures, not just breast augmentation. Over time, the scars fade a bit and blend in more than they do initially, but they never disappear. That is why the placement of the incisions is an important factor for minimizing the visibility of the scars.

A breast lift is sometimes performed with breast augmentation surgery. Sagging breasts cannot be corrected with the breast augmentation alone. As the skin of the breasts changes with age, the breasts may not be supported as they used to be. If the slope of the breasts is straight down and the nipples are sitting at the bottom of the breasts, a breast lift corrects this by raising the bulk of the breasts and raising the nipples to a forward position.

The breast implants may be filled with silicone gel, saline, or cohesive gel. Many women feel that saline implants are the safest option. However, silicone implants are considered perfectly safe. The silicone implants are the most widely recommended by breast augmentation surgeons. Silicone implants feel more natural than saline implants. Cohesive gel implants are relatively new. The breast augmentation cost with cohesive gel implants is about $1,000 more than with the other types of implants.  You may also be asking, How much does a mommy makeover surgery cost?

The breast augmentation surgeon may be able to place the implant using an incision under the arm. The underarm incision is possible for very small implants. If the woman has small underarm areas, the scar may show slightly if she wears sleeveless shirts. In some cases, additional surgeries are needed to remove scar tissue around the implants. The underarm incision makes additional surgeries more difficult.

Breast augmentation surgeons may make an incision under the breast. This scar placement is an easy option for the surgeon for the initial surgery and if additional surgeries are required. Most of the scar is often hidden by the breast fold.

The third type of breast enlargement scar is around the nipple. Though the nipple may help hide the scar, many times the scar is visible. Women who are considering breast augmentation surgery should discuss the scar placement, size, and what to expect when they meet with the surgeon.




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